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What is Credit?

It may seem like everyone is talking about credit and whether theirs is “good” or “bad.” Terms such as credit report, credit score and line of credit may pop up in conversations about credit. But what does this credit lingo mean, and how does your credit behavior affect your financial future? “Credit allows us to consume today what we can’t [...]

What is a good Credit Score and How is it determined?

The difference between having a good credit score and a bad one can mean tens of thousands of dollars in interest and even impact your ability to get a loan. You’d think what determines a good score would be pretty clear-cut. But that’s not the case. Banks and other lenders designed credit to be complicated to keep you in the [...]

Errors on Your Credit Report Lower Your Credit Score

Your credit report is an extremely important part of your financial life. It gives potential lenders key information about how you handle credit—such as whether you pay your bills on time and how much debt you are carrying. It enables companies financing vehicles, lending for homes and offering lines of credit determine your risk as a borrower. (I don’t want [...]